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Bachelor of Arts in TESOL


Bachelor of Arts in TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages

Day, weekend, and evening class options

Can be completed within 3 years.

Tuition fee for the whole program: 141.000 Baht if completed in 4 years.



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As an old saying goes, if you want to learn something, teach it. A degree in teaching English is therefore the top choice for anybody who wants to master the English language very well, even without any intention to ever become a teacher. (Still, it leaves you with a second job choice that a conventional B.A. English cannot offer - not that bad either.)

In this 121-credit B.A. TESOL Program at Siam Technology College (STC), you will earn an internationally recognized Bachelor of Arts in TESOL plus additional Certificates in Language Acquisition, Phonology, Morphology and Syntax, and TESOL Methodology.

In order to be accepted into the program you need to be proficient in the English language and have a thirst for knowledge! We will also need a high school diploma within 6 months of enrollment.

The programs is open to both future and experienced teachers of English. Due to its flexible study plan design, it can be completed in as little as three years and still leaves you with enough free time to work besides your studies.

Are you a teacher without a degree? You are not alone. We’ve had over 250 teachers join the B.A. TESOL Program over the last three years, due to schools continually expecting teachers to have more qualifications. Get a degree from Siam Technology College, fully accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education. Apply now, and better your life for the future.


Entrance Requirements to the Program

You need to meet one of the following criteria:


Tuition and other Fees

1,000 Thai baht per credit (120 credits), an annual admin fee of 5,000 Thai baht.

Total estimated cost for 4 years: 141,000 baht (currency converter).


See our Program Poster (PDF)


program poster


How does the B.A. TESOL Program work?

We have 3 different kinds of courses that you, as a registered student, can sign up and take. In each given semester you can take to the maximum of 21 credits. In general a course is 3 credits, so that would be up to 7 courses.

The different kinds of courses available for you to take are the following:


Professional Courses


How to apply

Please fill our our online application form. Our admissions counselor will come back to you on the next working day.

If you don't want to apply online, you find on the application page also the official application form as a PDF. You can print it, fill it out, and submit it together with the required documents by mail or in person.


Certified Framework by Siam Technology College

You study at STC in Bangkok Yai. All your contacts and support are readily available, and all teachers will help you over the hurdles of studying. The degree earned from STC states that all laws, rules and regulations for higher education in Thailand are met.

Siam Technology College, founded in 1965 as Thailand’s first Technology College under the name Siam Institute of Technology, and the first private technology college in Thailand, is a private education institution under the Office of the Higher Education Commission in Thailand. With more than 10,000 students, STC is also one of the fastest growing institutes of higher education in Thailand.


U.S. Veterans

Lamar University and Siam Technology College programs meet the requirements of the GI Bill (Department of Veterans Affairs). Email Bryce Hunter at and begin the application process.


Any questions? Please mail to Ulrich Werner at